Electric Suitcase Scooters: The Future of Airport Hustle

Zach Houston - Writer

By Zach Houston

Ah, airports. Those sprawling giants of glass and metal where time seems to either stand infuriatingly still or dash ahead like it’s late for a very important date. If you’ve ever found yourself hustling through endless terminals, shoes in one hand, a lukewarm coffee in the other, all while wondering, “Is there a better way?” – rejoice! The future has arrived, and it’s wheeled, sleek, and downright electrifying.

No, it’s not a teleportation device (we’re still waiting on that one), but it’s the next best thing: the electric suitcase scooter or a motorized rideable carryon scooter. Imagine merging the convenience of your trusty old suitcase with the pizzazz of an electric scooter. Intrigued? Buckle up (or should I say, zip up?), as we delve into the world where luggage meets the Jetsons. Welcome to the age of the electric suitcase scooter!

What is an Electric Suitcase Scooter?

If you were to throw a suitcase and an electric scooter into a magic blender (with a hint of innovation and a splash of genius), out would pop the electric suitcase scooter. But let’s break it down for those scratching their heads or picturing some Frankenstein-esque contraption.

An electric suitcase scooter is the dream hybrid of modern transportation and luggage solutions. At its core, it’s a suitcase — roomy enough to pack your favorite Hawaiian shirt, those questionable souvenir mugs, and maybe a few too many pairs of shoes. But then, with a flick, twist, or pull (depending on the model), this suitcase reveals its hidden superpower: a built-in electric scooter. No longer are its four wheels just for dragging behind you; they’re there to whisk you forward!

Mechanics and Design: Think of the robustness of your favorite hard-shell luggage, combined with a foldable scooter design. The handle isn’t just for dragging it behind you anymore; it doubles as your steering wheel. And that side pocket, where you usually stash your passport? It now might house a digital display showing your battery life and speed.

As for the battery and motor, they’re discreetly nestled within, ensuring your suitcase doesn’t turn into a clunky transformer toy. When fully charged, most models can breeze through terminals with enough juice to make sure you (and your belongings) reach your gate on time.

In essence, the electric suitcase scooter is a traveler’s dream: a two-in-one solution that answers the age-old airport question, “How can I make this journey more efficient, fun, and with a dash of James Bond flair?” Well, here’s your answer!

Navigating through the vast sea of electric gadgets can sometimes feel like you’re deciphering an alien language. But don’t sweat it, dear reader, for I have rolled up my metaphorical sleeves and dived deep into the e-suitcase world to bring you the crème de la crème of electric suitcase scooters this year. Let’s roll!

Top Electric Suitcase Scooter Models of 2023

1. Airwheel SE3S – Boardable Smart-riding Suitcase

Tagline: When futuristic design meets practicality, you get the Airwheel SE3S.


  • Model: SE3S
  • Product Size: 550360240mm
  • Volume: 20L
  • Lock Type: TSA Coded Lock
  • Weight: 9.4kg
  • Load Capacity: 110KG
  • USB Output Voltage: 37V
  • Power Bank Capacity: 73.26wh
  • Motor Power: 250W
  • Charging Time: 2h
  • Speed: 13Km/h


  • Fashionable logo color-changing via the smart APP.
  • Sturdy front motor wheels paired with rear pneumatic tires.
  • Two modes: traditional tow and electric riding. Switching between the two? A breeze!
  • Large 20L capacity with top-quality, waterproof German imported PC film and Taiwan’s Chi Mei ABS.
  • Bonus features: Built-in removable power battery, external USB interface, international TSA code lock, and ultra-durable TPU tires.
  • Rideable suitcase silver Airwheel

User Reviews: Currently sitting at a 5/5, it’s a fan favorite among the tech-savvy travelers, especially those who love a mix of style and substance.

They also have a kid’s version known as the Airwheel sq kids electric luggage. Although not on Amazon for the sq kids electric luggage scooter you need to go to Airwheels Site.

2. Lantsun 20 Inch Smart Riding Suitcase

best electric suitcase scooter

Tagline: Beauty, brains, and wheels – what more could you ask for?


  • Product Dimensions: 22.64 x 15.16 x 9.84 inches
  • Weight: 16.5 pounds (7.5 kilograms)
  • Origin: China
  • Capacity: 26 Liters
  • Size: 385x250x575mm
  • Pedal Height: 152mm
  • Tire Size: 4 inch
  • Max Loading: 80kg
  • Max Speed: 8km/h
  • Motor Power: 100w


  • Designed with safety in mind: Intelligent lighting system for nighttime dazzle.
  • Dual high-speed USB output ports: Because why charge one gadget when you can charge two?
  • TSA luggage lock: Keeping your belongings safe and sound.
  • Easy to disassemble and upgradeable battery with intelligent battery management via a mobile app.

User Reviews: Currently sitting at a 3.9/5, although not perfect it might be a perfect choice for you?

The Advantages: Why You Need One

Ah, the electric suitcase scooter. If it were a character in a movie, it’d be that smooth-talking protagonist that swoops in, saves the day, and leaves everyone wondering, “Why don’t I know them already?” So, if you’re still on the fence about whether this gadget is worth a spot in your life, here’s why you absolutely need one:

1. Faster Airport Transits:
Remember those old-timey movies where the hero is chasing a train, only to miss it by a hair? That’s you, but at the airport. Or, at least, that was you. With an electric suitcase scooter, you’re the hero who’s always ahead of time, casually sipping a coffee while others huff and puff past you. Glide effortlessly to your gate, and swap that frantic sprint for a dignified arrival.

2. Ease of Use:
You don’t need a tech degree to operate one of these beauties. If you’ve mastered the complex art of pushing a shopping cart (or, for some of us, a lawnmower on a stubborn day), you’re well-equipped to handle an electric suitcase scooter. Designed for everyone from the tech-savvy Gen Z to the proud flip phone users, it’s as user-friendly as gadgets come.

3. Multipurpose Marvel:
Sure, it shines in airports, but confining this gem to terminals is like keeping a Ferrari solely in the garage. Take it for a spin in city streets, parade it in malls, or simply use it to impress friends at a gathering. It’s versatile, adaptable, and always ready for a showcase.

4. Saves Money:
Ah, the sweet sound of coins clinking! Or, in this case, the sweet silence of not parting with them. With an electric suitcase scooter in tow, you can bid adieu to those sneaky expenses like renting airport carts or hopping onto overpriced shuttle services. Think of it as a one-time investment that keeps on giving. And by giving, we mean saving you those precious dollars.

In essence, the electric suitcase scooter isn’t just a flashy gadget; it’s a life upgrade. So, if you’ve been hunting for a sign to make the leap, consider this your neon-lit billboard saying, “Go for it!”

FAQs about Electric Suitcase Scooters

1. How fast is the electric suitcase scooter?
Most electric suitcase scooters have a top speed ranging from 8km/h to 13km/h, perfect for a brisk move through terminals without breaking into a full-on sprint.

2. Are scooter suitcases allowed?
Scooter suitcases are generally permitted in airports, though it’s always wise to check specific airport and airline regulations. Some places might have designated areas or restrictions for use.

3. Is there a motorized suitcase?
Yes! The motorized suitcase, also known as the electric suitcase scooter, combines the convenience of a suitcase with the mobility of a scooter. These suitcases are powered by a motor and often come with a built-in battery.

4. What is the fastest rideable suitcase?
The fastest rideable suitcases on the market, as of 2023, can reach speeds up to 13km/h, like the Airwheel SE3S. However, it’s always good to check the latest models for any advancements in speed and technology.

Safety and Regulations

Let’s face it; as tempting as it is to channel your inner James Bond, zipping through crowds on your electric suitcase scooter, there are rules to this game. Before you set forth on your electrified journey, it’s essential to be well-acquainted with the safety protocols and regulations governing these futuristic marvels.

How Safe is it to Scoot Your Way Through a Crowd?
When wielded with care, the electric suitcase scooter is as safe as any other mobility device. However, here are some key considerations:

  • Awareness: Always be mindful of your surroundings. Navigating through a dense crowd requires attention, ensuring you’re not bumping into anyone or causing inconvenience.
  • Speed Control: Though it’s tempting to go full throttle, especially if you’re late for a flight, remember that controlled, moderate speeds are safer in crowded areas.
  • Brakes: Familiarize yourself with the braking mechanism. In tight spots or unexpected obstacles, quick reflexes can make all the difference.
  • Maintenance: Like any vehicle, ensure your scooter is in top condition. Regularly check the tires, battery, and brakes.

Current Airport Regulations and Future Implications:

  • Designated Zones: Some airports have designated zones where riding is permissible, much like zones for smoking or pet relief. Always check airport guidelines before riding.
  • Battery Restrictions: Most airports have restrictions on the size and type of batteries allowed. Typically, lithium-ion batteries used in these scooters are permissible, but there’s a cap on watt-hours. Always ensure your scooter’s battery complies with these regulations.
  • TSA Locks: Electric suitcase scooters must adhere to standard luggage protocols, including TSA-approved locks if you’re traveling to or within the U.S.
  • Future Implications: As these scooters grow in popularity, we can expect more explicit regulations to emerge. Airports might introduce separate lanes for scooter riders, or even rental services akin to airport trolleys. On the flip side, if not used responsibly, stricter regulations or outright bans could be imposed.

In summary, while the electric suitcase scooter promises a future of swift and stylish transits, it comes with the age-old caveat – with great power comes great responsibility. Stay informed, stay safe, and most importantly, ride responsibly. Your fellow travelers (and your dignity) will thank you!

Always check TSA on regulations!

Link to Travel Checklist

User Stories: Adventures on Electric Suitcase Scooters

There’s something magnetic about stories from the front lines. They allow us to vicariously live through the highs and lows of others, often with a good laugh or a lesson learned. So, if you’re still wondering whether the electric suitcase scooter life is for you, these anecdotes from fellow adventurers might just tip the scale!

The Great Escape
Jenny had a notorious reputation among her friends for her, let’s say, ‘optimistic’ sense of timing. During a particularly tight connection in Chicago, it seemed like her streak of missed flights was set to continue. But this time, she had her trusty scooter. With seconds to spare, she skated past the closing doors, leaving a trail of astonished passengers and a smug smile on her face. “Best investment ever,” she declared, as fellow travelers shared a mix of applause and curious glances.

Curiosity and the Catwalk
Ever felt like you’re on a runway with all eyes on you? Mark did, and he milked it. Sporting his electric suitcase scooter at LAX, he attracted more attention than a celebrity on the red carpet. As people whispered, pointed, and occasionally asked to take photos, Mark realized he wasn’t just traveling; he was putting on a show. His advice? “Own it. You’re the future. And don’t forget to strike a pose!”

Bob’s Poolside Mishap
Ah, Bob. Eager to show off his new electric toy at a resort in Bali, he misjudged a turn and nearly took an unplanned dip in the pool. Saved by a quick-thinking waiter, his scooter (and pride) remained mostly intact. The lesson here? Always be aware of your surroundings, especially near bodies of water or other potential hazards. Bob now shares his story as a cautionary tale, always concluding with a chuckle, “At least it would’ve made a splash on social media!”

Avoiding the Pitfalls:

  1. Mind the Terrain: While these scooters are versatile, they’re not all-terrain vehicles. Avoid overly wet or uneven surfaces.
  2. Battery Check: Just as you wouldn’t drive without checking your car’s fuel, always ensure your scooter’s battery is adequately charged for your journey. You don’t want to end up carrying your ride.
  3. Respect Boundaries: Not everyone will share your enthusiasm (shocking, right?). Respect designated no-ride zones and always prioritize pedestrian safety.

As these stories attest, electric suitcase scooters promise a blend of efficiency, fun, and the occasional adrenaline rush. Whether you’re weaving through terminals or turning heads in a resort, one thing’s for sure: life’s never dull on the electric side!


Ah, the future! Once a realm filled with dreams of flying cars, teleportation, and robot butlers. While I’m still waiting for my personal robot Alfred (come on science, pick up the pace), the electric suitcase scooter feels like a delightful appetizer to a main course of tech wonders still to come. Let’s reflect, shall we?

Imagine, if you will, a bustling airport terminal of yesteryear. The tired shuffle of feet, the overpriced airport carts, and the cacophony of ‘last calls’ for those poor souls risking a marathon sprint to their gates. Fast forward to today, and we’ve replaced that dreary shuffle with the vroom-vroom of suitcase scooters, turning mundane transits into scenes straight out of a futuristic movie. (And let’s be honest, isn’t there a tiny part of us that revels in the slightly envious glances of onlookers as we zip by?)

But beyond the sheer fun factor, these scooters signify a shift in how we perceive travel. It’s no longer just about the destination; the journey is getting its much-deserved spotlight. The narrative is changing from ‘I survived my 12-hour layover’ to ‘You won’t believe the adventures I had in Terminal B!’.

So, What Lies Ahead?
As with any burgeoning market, the electric suitcase scooter realm is ripe with possibilities. Maybe future iterations will include AI-guided pathfinding (goodbye, getting lost near duty-free shops) or perhaps a built-in coffee dispenser for those early morning flights (okay, maybe that’s just on my personal wishlist).

One thing’s certain, however: as this market evolves, so will our tales of transit triumphs and the occasional hilarious hiccup. Will we see scooter races in designated airport lanes? Or perhaps international scooter-jousting tournaments? Only time will tell.

To wrap this up in true Zach-style: Here’s to the electric suitcase scooters – giving the term “traveling in style” a whole new spin! Until next time, keep those wheels charged and your sense of adventure ignited. And if you see a dapper fellow with a camera around his neck zooming by on his suitcase, give a wave. It just might be yours truly, capturing the future, one ride at a time. Safe travels! 🛴💼🚀

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